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Thanks to preschool teachers, early learners become familiar with letters, numbers, colors, and shapes, as well as play, socialising, relationship building, formal school readiness and problem-solving skills.

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We welcome passionate educators to embark on this  rewarding journey with us and leverage this unique opportunity of becoming a substantial contributor in developing our future generation and becoming our partner in Oscar Daycare and Preschool success story. 

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Our Recruitment Process

To be sure that we choose the best teacher, coordinators and centre directors, we invest a great deal of time and dedication in our recruitment process. Our efforts to select candidates are ongoing although majority of hiring happens during March to June, so be sure to submit your application as soon as you see a position that might suit you. 


It is also important to us that you are familiar with our recruitment process and know what will happen next. Our recruitment process involves :

1. Numeracy Skills Test 

2. English Skills Test 

3. Professional Values Test `

4. Personal Interview