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Pre-Nursery (Age 1.5-2.5 yr)
Work on the solid holistic development of the child. Encourage children to become independent learners and also allow them to exercise their freedom of choice. Introduce and develop their gross and fine motor skills through various Practical Life exercises. Ensuring they become better learners by working on the tactile and visual aspects of learning via sensorial activities. These sensorial activities also indirectly introduce mathematical concepts to children. Students are able to recognize colors, shapes, and opposites.
Nursery (Age 2.5-3.5 yr)
Kids in this age group are tactile and visual learners. Able to recognize and remember all 26 letter sounds of the alphabet by the end of the year using the sandpaper letters. Students are able to recognize and memorize days of week , months of year, color, opposites ,animals ,flowers and houses of animals. These letters hone their learning by tapping on the tactile aspect. Able to recognize and remember numerals 1-10.Master mathematical concepts such as rote counting from 1-10 in both fixed and loose quantities. This course includes a initial start to the writing program also and inculcating reading habits among the children.
Junior KG (Age 3.5-4.5 yr)
Key note: learning takes place in a progressive and simulative manner with a lot of materials accompanying the learning process. Having mastered blending and reading of 3 letter words. They also get introduced to consonant and vowel diagraphs. Having mastered recognition and remembering quantities. Further cement their understanding of addition and subtraction using new material. Learn new concepts such as counting on and also number bonds. Get introduced to place values such as units, tens and hundreds in the 2nd half of the year. This prepares them for Primary learning as these are common mathematical concepts used in primary schools. Course include various indoor and outdoor inhibitions.
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Senior KG (Age 4.5-5.5 yr)
Able to blend and read fluently most words by now. So they get introduced to long vowel diagraphs words etc. Grammar, vocabulary is also taught with accompanying worksheets. Children get introduced to common aspects of primary school learning such as spelling, cloze comprehension, composition, logical sequencing etc. Moves away from tactile learning and focuses more on abstract learning. As for mathematics, they work on vertical addition and subtraction with change. Also get introduced to common topics such as money, time etc.
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