Mrs. Rakhi Jhamad

The Oscar School, Indore

A Science Graduate from the Indore University, Rakhi Jhamad also holds a Diploma in Early Child Care. She has over two decades of experience in the field of education. Foster the belief to do something creative, different and important for children motivated to start her own school. Thus 12 years before started kids kemp school. Accepting the challenges and without any fear encourage and support educators in reflective action and learn from experiences, stand back, monitor and modify practices. Build supportive relationships, create a climate in which others experience a sense of belongingness and provide ways for views and thoughts to be expressed. She has been involved in developing Curriculum with an approach of continuous development, developmental milestones in child growth, parenting in today’s world and teachers training. Her passion for innovation and creativity drives her to strive for perfection. She has visualized challenges in this digital age and parents acceptation for new gen children strive her to start The Oscar school 2 years before.