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The Oscar School, Indore

A Note from the Desk of Director

Children are the most creative beings on the earth, we provide channels for that creativity to blossom is something that would be taken care of at The Oscar School. The school offers the students a platform to express their creative impulses through various activities.

Student’s need to understand the multiple paths that lead to understanding. It’s also important to open their mind so that they can learn how to create their own knowledge, they should be encouraged with new ideas, and have curiosity to ask question. By encouraging creativity based activities, children get ample opportunities to showcase their talent.

Our educational curriculum is designed to help the students to discover the pearls hidden within them. Various competitions, cultural activities, sports are design to nurture children’s capabilities, projects, appreciations work wonders and make miracles happen while bringing out the varied talents and potential hidden in the students. They need to be nurtured, manure and pruned before it can bloom.