How to effectively choose your childs school.

How to effectively choose your childs school.


How to effectively choose your childs school…


Your little one is growing up so fast, and is now almost ready for the next big phase in his journey of education and learning — primary school.


The constant battle for choosing what’s best for your child starts from the day he is born. From selecting the best pediatrician for him to dressing him up in best cloths, from starting with the right solids for him to buying the best toys & books for him. But one of the toughest decision that a parent has to make is finalising a pre-school of their kid.


Parents today have more options for kindergarten education than ever before. Learn the questions every parent should ask to find the best school fit for your child Public or private? Full-day or half-day? Even homeschooling? While parents today have more choices for their children’s education, the options can be confusing. How do you make sure the school you choose is the right one for your child?


To make the decision of choosing a primary school for your child just a bit easier, we bring you some useful information on the matter.





  • Always remember to consider the distance of the school from your home.Choose a school which is 5 to 15 minutes away from your home.Consider the traffic involved on the route as it should not delay your toddler’s travelling time.


  • Different pre-schools have different timings. Look for one that suits your schedule or working hours.


  • If your child is not yet potty trained, what arrangements does the school have to handle diapers & help in training the kids?


  • Preschools offer your toddler an opportunity to be independent, but it should also have enough teachers to handle the students. You have to make sure that your toddler gets individual attention when required. What is the ratio of teachers and students? Inquire this with the preschool authorities. Do they have the expertise to handle tough situations? To confirm this surf the Internet and collect proper reviews about the preschool you are choosing for your tot.


  • BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT, Clear expectations and follow through. Be sure to ask the director what behavioral guidelines are in place in the preschool classroom. There should be age-appropriate expectations, along with clear rules and consequences. Additionally, ask about how the staff teaches children to solve problems with their peers.


  • How much a school encourages parent interaction and incorporates feedback is also very important. Talk to other parent and get a feel about this.


  • Is the school emphasising on paper pen leaning, rote learning or on reading books, pretend play, free play? How the kids are educated in those early years is of utmost importance.


Not all schools are perfect and would match your requirements to the fullest. You’ll need to weigh the pros & cons of all options available and make the choice basis which one matches most of your criteria.


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